Advanced audio processing
made simple

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Made for

CAD (Computer Audio Design)

Systematic, precise and programmatic control of audio parameters

signals in Auxlab

Signal Processing

Rapid Algorithm Development

Step-by-step visualization, analysis and playback of audio in an intuitive environment

Auxlab's suite of tools

Versatile Programming

Both low- and high-level coding

Beneficial to both seasoned programmers and first-time programmers or students

the AUX language
"I created AUXLAB to help professionals and enthusiasts easily manipulate audio signals without tedious efforts."

Bomjun Kwon

(Fmr) Associate Professor
Hearing, Speech & Language Science
Gallaudet University

Auxlab is built for professional audio processing

audio engineering electrical engineering software audio processing signal analysis sound editting broadcast and sound engineering

human auditory perception hearing science speech science phonetics experimental psychology

Auxlab is powered by AUX (AUdio syntaX)*,
a domain-specific language (DSL) tailored for audio signals.
* (introduced in a paper from Behavior Research Methods, 2012) View

First-class support for audio signals

Concise syntax allows you to create, scale, combine, and extract signals with ease

Simplified, powerful syntax

A small, feature-rich base library lets you become productive quickly and produce results sooner

High-level programming

Custom-built abstractions for signals and dynamic memory management let you focus on specifying sounds as signals, not generic data structures

Full Auxlab integration

Edit, run, and debug your AUX scripts right in Auxlab; visualize and playback your audio samples instantly

AUXLAB is Open Source Software (yes, it's free).
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